We connect people through storytelling.


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Wetten, das War's..?
Nobel Perspectives
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Frank Elstner - Noch eine Frage
Women in Economics
Doc Web Series
Evidence Lab
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Herrenknecht AG
Doc Web Series
At Your Side
Herrenknecht AG
Doc Web Series
Kein Mensch ist aus Asphalt
48h Neukölln Art Festival
Photo exhibition

What drives us

We connect people through storytelling.

We believe that stories are the most powerful tool of all. They connect us. Challenge us. Force us to consider what really matters and ask us to question what we truly believe in.

We are convinced that a well-told story has the power to change the world. That’s why we are committed to projects that remove barriers and biases. Projects that inspire, challenge, surprise and educate. 

We are led by curiosity, honesty and the idea that every story can be impactful as long as it’s told with an open heart and an eye for detail.


Zoo is an independent production company that creates shows, documentaries, fiction and branded content.

With Zoo, producer Tom Elstner is embarking on a new journey together with a team of multi-skilled and experienced creatives. Zoo was formerly a production company for TV entertainment, a social media content lab and a playground for young, aspiring hosts in infotainment.

In 2016, it was reimagined from the ground up. After a brief period in which the team tried to make innovative commercials again, we shifted our focus to being content-driven – with the aim of creating inspiring visual stories that stay with you long after they’re over.

Tom Elstner


Katharina Reinartz


Aurelia Kanetzky

Creative Producer, Director

Dominik Schulz

Head of Postproduction

Carly Sheridan

Head of Global Strategy

Kenneth McDonnell

Postproduction, Camera Operator

That’s what makes us Zoo

We belong together. It’s because we share a common cause and goals that we are an excellent partner for our clients.

We are committed to quality. Going the extra mile for our projects is a no-brainer.

We don’t fear the blank page. We let our ideas run wild and take inspiration from all the sources we can think of.

We believe that as a team we can achieve greatness.

No initial idea is too big. We shoot for the stars.

We believe that being honest with ourselves, while also brave, ambitious and eager to continuously learn will take us far.

Finally, we follow the advice of a man whose literary finesse is hard to match: "Write drunk, edit sober." - Ernest Hemingway

Clients we have enjoyed collaborating with

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tel: +49 (0)30 555 72 8780