March 21, 2023

A Film Made of


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In order to create something that will preserve its modern identity 100 years into the future, you have to be pretty smart and, perhaps, a little clairvoyant. This is a challenge readily taken on by the people at IGM, Germany's leading window and facade manufacturer.

Not Timeless, But Ahead of its Time

For IGM, we as a team didn’t look behind but rather into these facades and discovered that the construction of the future is not (only) defined by timeless design, but by what constitutes a building itself and the responsibility it holds. All of this needs to be ahead of its time while simultaneously being invisible to the naked eye. 

Visual Visions: A film made of glass

For this Image Film, we therefore made glass the protagonist (accompanied by the working title: Glass Porn), so that we as viewers could gaze, as if via a crystal ball, into the very manufacturing of tomorrow's buildings. 

We arrived at the company’s headquarters in Medard with prisms, mirrors, streak filters and other glass utensils which we then put to use in order to lend a futuristic feel to these realities. 

With that, we wish you good entertainment. Better buckle up, because the future is going to be exciting. 

Greetings from on top, 

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Client: IGM Fenster & Fassaden Director: Aurelia Kanetzky DoP: Johannes Obermaier DoP Drone: Gabriel Manz, Skynamic

A film Made of Glass
Image Film

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